Albert Mestres wins 2016-10-26 tournament.

We are back indeed, as the pictures on the left of this post show. We had 9 players on Wednesday, 8 in the tournament.

Albert MestresĀ (the paramedic) won the tournament. He beat Philippe in the finals, after coming back from the Crawford game (just like he did when he beat me in his previous match). Big congratualtions to Albert, who has only been playing for less than two years.

I hope Albert realizes how quickly he has progressed. Beating Philippe is no small feat. Thanks to eveyone who showed up. Hopefully we can grow from here.

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One Response to Albert Mestres wins 2016-10-26 tournament.

  1. George says:

    Nice you restarted.
    Please add me to you e-mail list.

    I will go next week 10/16

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