Alec and Philippe split 2013-02-27 tournament points.

We ran a bit late last Wednesday.  The final match pitted Philippe and Alec.  Instead of duking it out, they agreed to split the match evenly.  Nice resolution, but that meant I had to figure out how to split the points fairly.

Going into the match, Philippe had 3 points and Alec 4.  The winner would get 8 points (Alec’s 4 + Philippe’s 3 + 1 for the win. Note this equals, as it should,  n-1, where n is the number of players in the tournament, 9.)

Here is my solution: each player takes the average points of the two possible outcomes of the match.

OUTCOME Philippe's Points Alec's Points
If Philippe wins 8 4
If Alec wins 3 8
Sum 11 12
Average of 2 outcomes 5.5 6.0

 Thus, Alec gets 6 points and Philippe 5.5.

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