Alec wins 2017-09-20 round-robin tournament.

We had only 5 players last week. We held a round-robin tournament (where everyone plays everyone else), winner takes all. Congratulations to Alec who won the tournament in a tie-breaker match with Philippe.

In the future, I don’t think we should use the round-robin format when attendance is low. Last week’s tournament shows why.

Philippe played his 4 matches and had 3 points. Alec had played 3 matches and had 2 points; his remaining match was with Albert, who had played 3 matches and had 1 point.

That meant that Albert had no prospect of winning the tournament, so he played Alec solely for “pride”. He could just have forfeited, gone home, and would not have been any worse off (other than losing the opportunity to spoil Alec’s chances of winning the tournament).

Turns out Alec beat Albert, so both he and Philippe had to play a tie-braking match since they each then had 3 points.

My sense is that it is better to do a double-elimination tournament whenever we have a small number of players.

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