Brett and Leo split tournament finals on 2017 May 24.

Newcomer Brett Smith and I (Leo) made it to the finals of the 8-player tournament. It was getting a bit late so we decided to split the prize and go home. We started play later than usual because I showed up on Cuban time. Still not sure if we should play 5-point or 7-point tournament matches, so keep the feedback coming.

Turnout was even better than last week. We had 11 attendees; 3 did not play in the tournament. Please see the pictures on the main page. We continue to see the ladies show up to play. Hopefully we can keep up the attendance and perhaps even recruit young players, even the video-game-playing type. Bring your kids!

Some of the members of the mailing list seem to like to solve backgammon problems, so I will continue to include at least one problem in the weekly emails. A couple of you have expressed difficulty understanding the cryptic numbers included in the solution by the software (Xtreme Gammon). Don’t be shy; that stuff is not intuitive. Simply ask me next time you see me at The 19th Hole and I will explain how to interpret the numbers.

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