Chris and Philippe split finals prize on 31 May 2017.

Chris Hammon and Philippe Salnave split the finals of the 2017-05-31 tournament. Congratulations to both.

We again ran a bit late (I had nothing to do with it; I showed up on American time). Perhaps it was our having 12 players in the tournament–a good thing! We also had a couple of players who did not play in the tournament.

This again raises the question of whether we should play 5-point tournament matches instead of 7-pointers. After giving it some thought, I think we should try an experiment next week.

We’ll play 5-point matches in the main bracket plus an automatic consolation bracket, also of 5-pointers. This will not be double elimination. The winner of the main bracket and the other finalist will take first and second place (i.e., Winner and Runner-up). Whoever wins the consolation bracket will take Third place. We will split the tournament price 3-ways.

Note that everyone will be guaranteed to play at least 2 matches. Late comers will have the opportunity to play in the consolation bracket, at say, half the entry fee.

Please get to The 19th Hole early. We will start collecting the entry fees at 6:50 p.m. We will start the tournament with the players who are present at 7:00 p.m. American Time.

Please remember to bring your board. Given the fairly good turnouts we have been having lately, it would be a shame to find us with more players than boards, as it has happened once or twice in the past.


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