Crisloid Discount

The nice folk at legendary board maker Crisloid will be giving our group a discount for a limited period of time.  Please check back here for details.

2 Responses to Crisloid Discount

  1. william huegel says:

    …you all need to visit Texas and play some of our excellent players…

  2. RICK WOLF says:

    New event! Let’s show those Boca Boys how to play the game!
    We now have some action in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Boca. If we can all get together, we could have a hell of a tournament!
    Maybe we can all meet up in October for the 2013 FLORIDA STATE BACKGAMMON CHAMPIONSHIP. [Go to]
    Check out ‘’, under Fort Lauderdale Backgammon.
    Spread the word to your friends and other backgammon players.
    Help me develop an extensive e-mail list by asking other players to e-mail me their e-mails.
    Good dice to you ,


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