Chris and Leo split 2013-04-24 tournament points.

As Alec and Philippe did a couple of weeks ago, Chris and I did not play the final match and split this week’s points by agreement.

We had a small turnout, so the tournament only had 5 entrants. Going into the final match, I had 1 point and Chris had 2.  The winner would get 4 points (Leo’s 2 + Chris’ 1 + 1 for the win. Note this equals, as it should,  n-1, where n is the number of players in the tournament, 5.)

As we calculated for Alec and Philippe, each player takes the average points of the two possible outcomes of the match.

OUTCOME Chris' Points Leo's Points
If Chris wins 4 1
If Leo wins 2 4
Sum 6 6
Average of 2 outcomes 3.0 2.5

Thus, Leo gets 2.5 points and Chris gets 3.0.

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