End of 2017 notes.

Last Week (6 December 2017) The 19th Hole was hosting a private party so we had to relocate to The Cascade. Only Philippe and I (Leo) attended. Don’t know if anyone else showed up and turned away upon seeing no backgammon action at The 19th Hole.

Why Play Stopped I anticipate that during this holiday period some folk may leave town and others may be attending office or family parties on Wednesdays, thus diminishing the size of our players pool. I similarly anticipate that, as in prior years, The 19th Hole will be having additional holiday parties on Wednesdays. So, to avoid likely confusion and low attendance (and because The Cascade is not as good a venue as The 19th Hole), I thought it best that we stop play for 2017.

Sunny South Florida Backgammon Championship Please mark your calendar and plan to attend The Sunny South Florida Backgammon Championship on 28 January 2017 in Fort Lauderdale. See the brochure.


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