Fun tournament on 21 June 2017.

We again this week tried the main plus consolation 5-point matches format. The feedback continues to be positive, so we’ll settle on this approach until we can figure out something better.

We had a 10-player tournament (plus 2 folk who played head to head). Philippe defeated Bahram in the main bracket finals. Sandy won the consolation bracket. Congratulations to all three.

The dice must have been often wicked, since from time to time I could hear some good screams from the boards.  I have the sense everyone had a lot of fun. Personally, I enjoyed seeing the Bahram-Laya family cheering crowd.

We again had a mini United Nations, with players born in Haiti, Greece, Romania, Iran, Cuba and the USA.

Just like last week, we almost did not have enough boards. I say almost because one of the folk who did not play in the tournament volunteered his board for the tournament. So please bring your board when you show up to play.

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