Gary, Albert and Panos: main winner, main 2nd, and consolation winner of 7 June 2017 tournament.

The weather leading to, including and following last Wednesday was crummy–unless you are a farmer or gardener, of course. It had rained for several days in a row and Wednesday was no exception. In the middle of the afternoon, the picture cleared a bit in Coral Gables, so I assumed we would have a good-weather evening of backgammon. Wrong!

I had corresponded with one of you privately and indicated that I would be showing up at the Biltmore no matter what. I was anticipating no turnout, especially given that as the afternoon progressed, the rain reappeared.  I showed up at the Biltmore a bit late, not having wanted to get soaked in the torrent that started several minutes before 7:00 PM.

I was pleasantly surprised. There were 5 other hard-core backgammon players waiting to start a tournament. We had a 6-player tournament. Newcomer Gary [I will get his last name hopefully this week] beat Albert in the finals.

As indicated in last week’s post, we had a main bracket and a consolation bracket, which Panos won. We played 5-point matches. We split the tournament’s price 50% to the main bracket winner, 30% to the main runner-up and 20% to the consolation winner.

I got the sense that the players enjoyed this format, which guarantees that everyone will play at least 2 matches. The losers of the first game of the main bracket automatically jump to the consolation bracket. Let’s roll with this format for the next several weeks.

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