George, Pauline, Sandy, Leo: Results of 16 August 2017 tournament, etc.

Congratulations to George who won this week’s (2017-08-16) tournament. Pauline was the runner-up; she also won the side pool. Sandy and I (Leo) split the consolation prize by agreement.

We had 11 players in the tournament, including Vadim who joined us from North Carolina. We continue to have a good portion of women playing: 3 this week (27% of the players).

I must sound like a broken record by now with my usual warnings, but here they go anyway:

(1) If you wish to play in the tournament, show up before 7:00 PM. If you don’t, then we have two choices. We either don’t let you play in the tournament, or if we do, the start of play is delayed; that’s because we have to re-work the brackets. So when we say be there by 7:00, we mean American time, not Cuban Standard Time. Yes, traffic in South Florida can sometimes be terrible, but that’s a known variable, thus plan accordingly.

(2) Bring your board. Better to have too many than too few. If we find ourselves in the situation again where there we don’t have enough boards, we will decide the matches where neither player brought a board by chance: each player will roll a die; higher number wins the match (continue to roll to break ties if necessary).

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