Good news. Bad news. Plain news.

Let’s start with the bad news. Attendance has been low lately. When we restarted play last year, and for several months after, we had good turnouts (see the pictures on the main page). Lately, we have been getting small numbers of players. I can’t explain why, other than as I have mentioned previously, my being a crappy promoter of our group.

We need to break the cycle. My impression is that larger turnouts entice others to attend, and vice versa. Is it the time of year? Don’t know. I just urge folk to show up and play. Hopefully we can get back to having the better-attended tournaments, which in turn will drive more folk to come out and play so we can have even better tournaments.

Now the good news. Other than when we have suspended play intentionally, e.g., because of Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have always had players show up. This means that if you want to play backgammon, you will get to play. It may be a chouette or head-to-head, but you will be pretty much guaranteed to play live with real people, not computer robots or faceless online folk.

Here are the plain news. I have dropped the ball a couple of times by not updating this blog each week, as I used to do. That may be giving y’all the wrong impression, i.e., that we did not play in the weeks where there was no blog entry. As mentioned earlier, that was not so.

The best practice will be for me to keep the blog up to date with weekly entries; I intend to do so. However, remember that we have a mailing list. Unlike this blog, I have been updating the list subscribers fairly consistently. I urge you to join the list. We send only one email message per week.

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