Lance won this week’s tournament, etc., etc.

1. Lance Novack won last night’s tournament. I will post the points standings during the weekend.

2. We had several new folk join us last night. Great to meet y’all; hope you had a pleasant evening. Come back!

3. Here is the link to the GNU Backgammon program, which we discussed. Click on the “Installation program” link. I highly recommend GNUbg; playing against it will give you a new perspective on backgammon. It’s free.

4. Another option (and many experienced players suggest the better one) is to download Extreme Gammon. You can try it for 30 days free and then buy if you like it.

5. Chris indicated that sometimes you can get good deals on boards in eBay. Alternatively, here are some vendors with whom I have dealt in the past, which sell new boards:

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