Leo wins 2 August 2017 tournament.

We again had 11 players in the tournament. I (Leo) won the main bracket; Jean Jacques was the runner-up. George and Gary split the consolation prize by agreement.

We had more first-round matches than boards. As a result Ted Berman and I had to wait to play our match until another match finished. I think this delayed play in the subsequent rounds and in the consolation. This was not fair to anybody, especially to those players who brought their boards.

Should this happen again, here is how I think we will handle the problem: any matches played between players who both did not bring a board will be decided by a dice roll. Each player will roll a die and the higher number wins the match; if there is a tie, the players roll again as necessary. So please bring your board.

I prepare the tournament brackets with the players present at 7:00 P.M. If you show up after that, then we have to either (a) re-juggle the brackets and delay the start of play or (b) just say, “sorry, you are too late” and not let you in the tournament. Either option is unpleasant for me personally. So please, if you want to play in the tournament, show up before 7:00.

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