New tournament format working out OK.

We again played this week (14 June 2017) a 5-point main plus a consolation bracket tournament. As they say in the medical business, the patients tolerated the procedure well.

So we will continue this format for a while given its apparent acceptance, or at least lack of complaints by the customers.

Albert and I (Leo) split the main bracket finals’ prize. Newcomer Bahram [I will learn and include his last name later to give due credit] won the consolation bracket. We had an 8-player tournament plus 4 folk who played head-to-head. Note 3 women in the tournament.

Had it not been for Albert who had a second board in his car, we would have been short a board for the tournament. Please bring your board; better to have too many than not enough.

If my memory serves me well, we looked like a mini United Nations. We had players born in the USA, Cuba, Venezuela, Romania, Greece and Iran.

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