Below are images of some of our tournaments since resuming play in 2016. Click the images to enlarge. See Recent Posts section for tournament results (and for other current information about what’s going on with us).

3 January 2018 tournament.

26 July 2017 tournament.

5 July 2017 tournament.

21 June 2017 tournament.

14 June 2017 tournament.

24 May 2017. Thanks to Alex T for taking the pictures.

17 May 2017 tournament. Thanks to Sandy W for taking the pictures.

8 February 2017.

11 January 2017.

7 December 2016. Finalists.

30 November 2016. Thanks to Chris H for providing the picture. Not all players are shown.

16 November 2016 tournament. Finalists and players.
2016-11-16-22-49-13-hdr 2016-11-16-19-28-33 2016-11-16-19-28-15-hdr 2016-11-16-19-27-37-hdr 2016-11-16-19-26-55-1

9 November 2016. Alec had a bye; he graciously took the pictures, so he is not included in the images.
2016-11-09-miabg3 2016-11-09-miabg2 2016-11-09-miabg1

26 October 2016. We restarted play after a year-plus hiatus.
miabg-2016-10-26-2-of-2 miabg-2016-10-26-1-of-2

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