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It has been several weeks since our prior post (Neal Rosensweig wins 2017-1025 tournament.) I hope that does not give anyone the idea that we have not been playing. Except for Thanksgiving Eve, when we decided not to play for the obvious reason, we have played each week. Below are the news and results, based on my notes and memory.

29 November 2017
Albert Mestre won the tournament; Geoge was the runner-up; Alec Izzo won the consolation. We had 7 players in the tournament and 9 players attended. One player chose to watch and another players showed-up late, so he only played head-to-head. Which reminds me: if you don’t want to play in the tournament, show up and play head-to-head with other players.

22 November 2017
It was Thanksgiving Eve, so we did not play, as we have not in past years.

15 November 2017
Laya beat me (Leo) in the finals to win the tournament. She is returning home to Iran. Hopefully she will soon come back to visit and join us again. George won the consolation. We had 6 players in the tournament.

8 November 2017
We had only 4 players. Did a round-robin tournament. Don’t recall who won.

1 November 2017
We had 5 players. Dr. Karen Davis won the tournament.

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