Results and Standings

Hopefully in 2018 we’ll implement a championship system. Stay tuned.


Alec Izzo is our 2014 Champion!

Alec Izzo 7
Philippe Salnave 4.5
Lance Novak 4
Rick Wolf 3
Jose Luis Canavesi 2
Vic Manetti 2
Bob Howayeck 2
Georges Nader 1.5
Neal Rosensweig 1
Alexander Delgado 1
Guy Nottoli 1
Jeff Sternberg 1

October 15 Georges Nader
October 8 Georges Nader and Philippe Salnave (split by agreement)
October 1 Jeff Sternberg
September 17 Alec Izzo
September 10 Bob Hawayeck
August 27 Vic Manetti
August 20 Guy Nottoli
August 13 Vic Manetti
August 6 Rick Wolf
July 30 Rick Wolf
July 9 Alexander Delgado
July 2 Bob Hawayeck
June 18 Alec Izzo
June 11 Rick Wolf
May 28 Jose Luis Canavesi
May 21 Lance Novak
May 14 Philippe Salnave
May 7 Jose Luis Canavesi
April 30 Philippe Salnave
April 23 Alec Izzo
April 9 Alec Izzo
April 2 Lance Novak
March 26 Alec Izzo
February 19 Philippe Salnave
February 12 Neal Rosensweig
February 5 Alec Izzo
January 29 Philippe Salnave
January 22 Alec Izzo
January 15 Lance Novak
January 8 Lance Novak

Points Calculation (2014)

In previous years, in addition to keeping track of who won the weekly tournaments, we kept a “points” standing to determine our champion for the year (see the calculations at the bottom of this page).

We are no longer keeping track of points.  Our champion in 2014 will be the player who wins the most tournaments.


Philippe Salnave is our 2013 Champion!

Results of 22 May 2013 tournament not included.

Philippe Salnave 141.5
Alec Izzo 79.4
Leo Bueno 75.4
Lance Novak 45.0
Chris Hammon 37.0
Jacob Reyf 26.5
Catherine Grieve 21.2
Guy Nottoli 18.5
David Hester 11.9
Sebastian Cuan 10.6
John Kent 5.3
Luis Solano 5.3
Lina Platon 2.6

May 22 Luis Solano
May 15 Philippe Salnave
May 8 Leo Bueno
May 1 Alec Izzo
April 24 Chris Hammon + Leo Bueno [by agreement]
April 17 Philippe Salnave
April 10 David Hester + Leo Bueno [by agreement]
April 3 Alec Izzo
March 27 Philippe Salnave
March 20 Catherine Grieve
March 13 Philippe Salnave
March 6 Philippe Salnave
February 27 Alec Izzo + Philippe Salnave [by agreement]
February 20 Philippe Salnave
February 13 Lance Novak
February 6 Leo Bueno
January 30 Jacob Reyf
January 23 Philippe Salnave
January 16 Alec Izzo
January 9 Lance Novak

For weekly 2013 points results, see the 2013 Standings Excel file.


Alec Izzo is our 2012 champion!

Alec Izzo 35.8
Lance Novak 29.1
Leo Bueno 15.9
Sebastian Cuan 13.2
Chris Hammon 10.2
Marv Shepard 5.3
Rocky Budzen 2.6

We had several modest tournaments in 2012. Here are the winners:
September 19 Lance Novak
September 26 Alec Izzo
October 3 Leo Bueno
October 10 Lance Novak
October 24 Chris Hammon
November 29 Alec Izzo
December 5 Alec Izzo
December 19 Sebastian Cuan

For weekly 2012 points results, see the 2012 Standings Excel file.

 We use a “knock-out” tournament format, like a playoff bracket, with byes when necessary. Players get awarded one win-point for winning a match plus the win points his/her opponent had accumulated.

For example, a player who receives a bye in the first round wins his second round match (against a non-bye opponent who had also won his first round match). The player would receive 1 point for winning the match plus the 1 point his opponent had received, for a total of 2.  If he then beats a player in the next round who also had 2 win points, his points tally would be: 1 for winning the match + 2 from his opponent + 2 he had  = 5.

Note that when the number of players in a tournament is n, the winner will get n-1 win points.  Other players receive the highest number of points they achieved before getting knocked out. In the example above, if our hypothetical player got knocked out in the next round, he would receive 5 win-points.

We then convert the win points to standings points by multiplying each win point by the square root of the match length of each win point.  For example, the winner of a 9-player tournament of 7-point matches would get 8 win points, which convert to 21.17 standing points: 8 * (square root of 7) = 8 * (2.646) = 21.17.

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  1. RICK says:

    Don’t forget, there is action in Fort Lauderdale on Sundays, 1PM to whenever, at the Rodeway Inn. Call me for details at 754 423 9653 or e-mail me with your name and phone number.

    • rich c. says:

      I would love to play with a live person, been over 20 years.
      Have no idea where the Rodeway inn is but I could try to find it.
      Please keep me in the loop.
      I look forward to meeting you, rich

      cell 954 253 0144

  2. robert schoenthal says:

    i m interested in joining but live in adventura a bit of a trip

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