Daniel Baron and Sandy Warriner split finals on 17 May 2017.

We had a good turnout last night (17 May 2017). Three new players showed up; two were women. This means that our 9-player tournament had 3 women. Come on, who says that backgammon is a man’s game. Great to see again the ladies coming out to play.

Newcomer Dan Baron and Sandy Warriner split the finals. We played 5-point matches. I screwed up the brackets (because I listened to Chris), but after realizing the error managed to patch the mistake, hopefully to everyone’s satisfaction.

The 5-point matches decision was a compromise between the folk who like to play 7-point match tournaments and the folk who like to plead head-to-head. I am not usually a fan of negotiated decisions (unfortunately, I have to live with them professionally). When we have turnouts of players from both camps, we may just split the camps from the get-go: those who like to play tournaments will play tournament and the others will play head-to-head.

Even playing 5-point matches we ran a bit late, likely the reason for Sandy and Daniel splitting. I am thinking that 5-pointers may be the the norm in the future. The 5-point matches format could allow folk who get knocked out to play head-to-head or chouettes a bit longer. I will appreciate your feedback on these issues (splitting the camps and 5-point tournament matches).

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