Other BG in So.Fla.

Ongoing Weekly Backgammon Play in South Florida

Sundays: Contact Rick Wolf (WolfRichardI@aim.com, 754-423-9653)

Mondays: Contact Ted Berman (ted@tedbermanllc.com, 305-205-7809)

Tuesdays: Contact Rick Wolf (WolfRichardI@aim.com, 754-423-9653)

Wednesdays: Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables. Details at: www.MiamiBackgammon.com.


12 Responses to Other BG in So.Fla.

  1. Gigi says:

    Hi, I live in Plantation and would love to find people who enjoy the game! Please contact me at 754-214-8404. Thank you-Gigi

    • Chris I. says:

      Yes, I live in Hollywood. I’ve driven to Coral Gables a few times but traffic is a nightmare. I would like to find a place to play up here in the Hollywood/Ppines/Davie/Plantation/Sunrise/Ft Lauterdale area.

  2. Mark Shawzin says:

    Hi Rick

    I just moved to So Fla from Los Angeles.

    I am looking to meet new people and would be interested in participating in a social backgammon club/game etc.

    Look forward to meeting you

  3. rich c. says:

    I love to play but all I have been doing is on the computer.
    I am decent player.
    I live in Plantation, semi retired, could travel a bit.
    Would prefer an evening game.

  4. Judith Fitch says:

    I love the game of backgammon and would be very interested in your Boca Raton availability for games. Thanks very much. Judi

  5. Jan says:

    Please keep on ur list for playing when u start up again. Would prefer Boca . I’ve been playing for years and would love to play a human and not the computer! Thanks,Jan

  6. Mariana says:

    Hi Rick. I would love to participate in one of the tournaments you organize. Please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

  7. judy mcgowan says:

    would love to get to play backgammon again, am an OLD new yorker from the mayfair club and am feeling the draw, i live in delray beach and am willing to travel for a good game, please advise, thanks…judy

    • Rick Wolf says:

      If you have any questions about the tournaments or directions , just call me 754 423 9653.

    • Rick Wolf says:

      this one is for you on Sunday 2/15:

      PLACE: AGORA Mediterranean Kitchen

      2505 N. Dixie Highway

      West Palm Beach, FL 33407

  8. RICK says:

    The Sunday BACKGAMMON each week will be a tournament with a progressive consolation – if we have enough people. The fall back plan is chouette.
    We will try to have two tournaments each Sunday, one for the sharks ($) and one for fun (social). Try to let me know if you will be coming so I can make plans.
    The Tuesday game is cancelled for the summer. If interest rebounds we will set up a regular Boca area game in September on a Tuesdays or Thursdays.
    Please join the SOUTH FLORIDA BACKGAMMON PLAYERS MEETUP at MEETUP.COM, and/ or send me your e -mail and phone number.
    I send out e-mails each week plus phone a lot of players. The meetup announcement is published regularly also.
    RICK 754.423.9653

  9. RICK says:


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