Standings are up to date, etc.

The standings table  is up to date.  Jacob won on January 30th, and I won last week (despite, as Alec pointed out, playing the worst backgammon he has seen me play since we met about 20 years ago).

Please check the standings Excel file to make sure I have not screwed up the point accounting.  At some point I would like to enlist one of you to cross-check the results against the actual tournament sheets, which I can upload or bring to you at the Biltmore.

See you next week.  By the way, I will not be sending any more “We are playing Wednesday at the Biltmore” emails.  Assume we will play every Wednesday unless you hear otherwise.  If for any reason we decide not to play on any given Wednesday, for example because of a holiday, then I will send a reminder email and will also post a notice on this website.

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