Tournament Rules


Typically before staring a tournament the tournament director (“TD”) goes over the general rules we use in play. For regular attendees, the reading of “the litany” is a waste of time, since they have heard it all before. Those players want to know who they are matched against and want to start play as soon as possible.

Instead of the TD reading the rules before each tournament, we are going to list them here and announce this link before each tournament and on our mailing list. So here they go.

The Rules

1. Tournament format: Two brackets: main plus consolation; each player is guaranteed 2 matches; however, no double-elimination.

2. Tournament mechanics: after 1st main bracket loss, player jumps to consolation bracket; a player is out after losing 2nd main bracket match (except for odd-number of players in tournament quirk).

3. Side pool: winner is whoever goes furthest in main bracket; will play match (or bracket) if necessary to break ties.

4. Play 5-point matches in both main and consolation brackets, unless otherwise indicated by the TD.

5. Main Pool:  split 50% winner / 30% runner-up / 20% consolation; rounded to $5

6. Side Pool: winner takes all

7. Follow generally accepted U.S. tournament rules.

8. Example of rules followed: Crawford; legal moves (all present can object, i.e., both players and spectators can point out move errors); use one hand to move pieces; re-roll if die lands on checker.

9. Players must be ready to play tournament match when called.

10. Play quickly.

11. Communicate your match result promptly to the TD.

12. Dispute resolution: the TD is a dictator; his/her rulings are final; each players must agree to this rule or take his/her tournament entry fees out before staring play.





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