We are taking a break from live play.

Because of personal (travel, family) reasons, I have not had a chance to attend our Wednesday gatherings at the Biltmore during the last three weeks. I am informed that during the last two weeks only one player showed up.

Prior to that I had noticed that our attendance had dwindled to the point where we were only playing chouettes or head-to-head instead of tournaments. I have no explanation for the decline in interest and attendance, other than perhaps my being a crappy group promoter.

So, I think it is time we took a break. Until further notice, I will not promote our group or attempt to get folk to play live at the Biltmore.

I anticipate that after several weeks some folk may get the itch to get back to playing live. I will accommodate them if I sense there is enough demand. But, for the time being, I am done trying.

I will keep this website (www.MiamiBackgammon.com) and the mailing list up and running and will post news of other backgammon events in the area. 


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3 Responses to We are taking a break from live play.

  1. Martha Lorenzo says:

    Are the Wed. gatherings resuming anytime soon? I am new to this site and love the game. I would really like participate.

  2. Adrian says:

    Weekly tournaments now at Bal Harbour. Please send a email out to all interested parties, open to whatever night works for the majority of people. Great card room, plenty of tables, chairs, drinks available.
    Let’s get organized and start 2016 off right

  3. Pat Bibby says:

    I see a lot of names in your posts (Alec, Chris, Phillipe, Jose, David, etc.). Maybe you should send all of us an email asking if we are interested in restarting the meetings on some specific date, maybe the first Wednesday in May. Can’t hurt.

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